One of the first questions I get from potential clients when they speak to us is: “How much will business coaching cost us?

Although this is not a straightforward answer, I will do my best to answer it here.

This question is similar to you going to a doctor and asking him for medicine because you feel unwell or want to improve your physical performance. The doctor will need to ask you several questions about your health, lifestyle, diet, etc., before he decides on the proper treatment for you. The treatment and the cost will depend on these factors and your circumstances. In some cases, he may not treat you.

A similar approach is followed by us when you first come to meet us.

You see, business coaching is a process of developing an individual’s skills and abilities to improve their business.

You will need to sit down with us and discuss your business and understand where you are in your business, your aims, and your goals. Is your business profitable or in debt so ActionCOACH can act as a vitamin or aspirin for your business?

The pricing of a business coach depends on various factors like the type of coaching, duration and frequency, geographical location, professional experience and training. Another major factor it will rely on is affordability. The pricing also varies according to the kind of coaching, one-time or periodic coaching sessions, group coaching sessions etc.

Your coaching program can start from as little as £100 to over £10,000 per month. All the coaching programs come with a guarantee. So, you are never at a loss financially.

When you take on a coach, you embark on a transformational journey for yourself, your family, your employees and your business. The changes will be life-changing.

Unfortunately, some prospects focus on the price and don’t see it as an investment in themselves and their business. On the other hand, our successful clients view coaching as lessons learned for life that can be passed down to their families and employees.

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