Why Wouldn’t You Have a Coach? | Recruitment Industry Growth Story

It’s been mind-blowing. I can’t believe that in the short space of time what my coach has achieved for us and helped us with. We’ve got a clear vision, we’re all working as a team, everything is in place, so it’s a win-win really. – Jackie Kerr, Managing Director of Jackie Kerr Recruitment. Running a business is a tough challenge. Managing Director, Jackie had experienced this first-hand whilst running her recruitment business. Often bringing the work-life home and getting migraines from the constant business battle was one of her worries. Speaking with an Action Coach instantly turned that around. Jackie had gained clarity on the business and built her confidence to drive the business forward.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they achieved:

✅ 20% profit increase

✅ Clear business goals

✅ Stress-free business

Doubled Net Profit After 12 Months Using ActionCOACH Systems | Recruitment Industry Growth Story

ActionCOACH has allowed me to own my business and own the processes on how we structure moving forward- Michael Roberts, Managing Director. 

Michael got involved with ActionCOACH as he wanted clarity on how to run the business and furthermore, take it to the next level. Using the proven AcionCOACH systems, Michael was able to radicate his marketing strategies focusing on building clientele and generating an additional income into the business. In a short space of 3 months, the results started pulling through and after 12 months of coaching they managed to achieve:

✅ 100% Turnover increase

✅ 100% Net profit increase

✅ Doubled the size of the business

Michael says the most valuable thing he got from working with an Action Coach is systems and structure. ”Without the coach, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”


Putting Down The Tools To Work On The Business | Plumbing Industry Review

If you’ve got ambition and want to put the work in, then it will be a benefit to you, no doubt – Harry Brown, Managing Director of Thames Valley As a Business Owner in the tradesman industry, Harry wanted to get more out of his business. The desire to move away from the tools and focus on business growth was only a dream until meeting his local Action Coach.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ 174% turnover increase.

✅ 203% net profit increase.

✅ A better team structure. Want to grow your business?

Business Owner Getting Ready For Retirement | Engineering Growth Story

There are lots of areas of the business that are better than they use to be. We focused on the areas where we knew we could improve and it’s helped us enormously. – Paul Lindley, Managing Director of Narla Engineering.

Paul was getting ready for retirement and wanted to get his business to a stage where it wasn’t relying on him being involved. Paul Says: The business was very dependent on me and I recognised a bit of work needed to be put in it to enable me to exit the business. The business obviously wouldn’t have been sellable without me in it.

Since working with ActionCOACH, Paul has been able to:

✅ Step down from the day to day operation.

✅ Systemise the business.

✅ Get ready to exit the business.


Beating Their Best Year By 30% During COVID-19 | Kitchen & Interior Design Industry

Managing Director of AD3 Design, Andrew Doyle was running two businesses but struggled to keep both businesses floating. After meeting with a local Action Coach from his BNI, they were able to restructure the business and increase their growth by 30% during COVID-19. Andrew Doyle says: ”We’ve been in business eight and a half years and so in the last six months we’ve been sitting and having tea at night six o’clock every night with the kids so that’s huge”

Since working with ActionCOACH, the business has achieved:

✅ 30% turnover increase during COVID-19

✅ A better team with a clear vision

✅ Working fewer hours in the business

The Myers Touch Kitchen Design | Growth Story


Keith and Helen Myers have run their kitchen design business for 15 years, however they were struggling to attract the right staff to the business.

By working with Action Coach Kevin Stansfield they now have a consistent process in place and found a new Operations Manager – and turnover has increased by 10-15% as a result.

“ActionCOACH allowed me to set aside time every week to work ON my business and to systematically work towards one thing”

Turning a £70K Loss Into £300K Profit | IT DEV Growth Story

The biggest result of working with ActionCOACH has been improving the profit. We were originally making a loss of £70K and turned it around to a profit of £300K – Bruce Mitchell Managing Director.

After losing a few large clients and struggling to take the business to the next level, Bruce decided to get ActionCOACH involved in the business. The company started to see results pretty quickly after hiring an ActionCOACH. Two years on and they have seen real improvements in the company performance. Alongside the profit gains, net sales have increased by 86%. They also managed to increase the team with 8 additional new members and are on target to hit their goal of £1.6M turnover.

Achieving The £1M Turnover Milestone | IT solutions Growth Story

The framework that ActionCOACH gives a person is very strong. It’s amazing to see the things that you don’t necessarily realise without someone educating you on what to do within your business that makes such a profound effect – Simon Pardo, Managing Director of ComputerCare.

Managing Director, Simon was facing a growth barrier for the past 5-6 years where he wanted to push the business into the £1M turnover milestone. Without a clear strategy in place, they were feeling pretty stressful with the day to day operations. Working alongside their coach, they managed to gain clarity on their finances and business goals.

Since working with ActionCOACH they have achieved:

✅ 25% turnover increase

✅ 20% gross profit increase

✅ Better cashflow

From £400k to £4M+ Turnover For Clothing Retailer | e-Commerce Retail Growth Story

Ruby and Daisy grew their business from £400k to £4M in just 9 months after getting involved with ActionCOACH.

In fear of burning out from the growth, Managing Director Helena wanted to focus her time working on the business. Understanding the value of having an Action Coach look at the business to get that growth without burning out was an oversight at first. Within 3 months of Business Growth Specialist getting involved, Helena started seeing how the finer details were impacting the business towards the bigger picture.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have achieved:

✅ 700% Gross profit increase

✅ From £400k to £4M+ Turnover

✅ Better work-life balance

5x Gross Profit Increase In Just One Year | Online Retail Industry

I associate the majority of our success to ActionCOACH – Diana Kakkar, Managing Director.

Starting a business can be a challenge, generating profits after one year in business is another challenge altogether. That was certainly the case with business owners Diana and Joshua. It became an obvious choice to take on an Action Coach in order to see the business progress forward.

In a short space of a year, Action Coach increased the gross profit 5 times compared to the previous year. Net profit had also doubled and the business is no longer making a loss. To keep up with the demand, they have hired 8 new members of staff. They have also achieved an award and been invited to speak at Make it British to talk about the importance of UK manufacturing.


Local Honey Man Takes Business Online | Food Retail Business Growth Story

Everybody needs a coach, Roger Federer, the best tennis player in the world has a coach. It’s something that makes sense for your growth and development as a business person. – Curtis Thompson, Managing Director of Local Honey Man

Working with ActionCOACH during the pandemic has been crucial for Business Owner, Curtis. Working on the business rather than in the business enabled Curtis to focus on the growth strategies.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ Increased turnover by 33%

✅ Pivoted the business during the pandemic.

✅ Implemented new digital strategies.

Take Control of Your Business | Food & Beverage Industry Growth Story

We have recently secured investment to expand our business goals because ActionCOACH helped us work on a business plan we put together. – Kerry Lamb, Managing Director of Red Fox Fine Foods.

Working with ActionCOACH during the pandemic, Business Owner Kerry Lamb was able to pivot the business, work on her goals and even expand the business.

Kerry adapted the business around the pandemic where they changed their business model. During this period, Kerry has confidently taken control of the business and has a clear vision for her business goals.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ A better understanding of cash flow.

✅ In control of the business.

✅ Pivot during the pandemic.

300% Net Profit Increase | Cleaning Industry Growth Story

I believe you will definitely see a positive impact and could be the best investment you will ever make – Conan Sammon, Managing Director of London Bin Cleaning

Conan’s cleaning business has dramatically grown over the two years he’s been working with his Action Coach. Using proven ActionCOACH strategies, Conan has gained clarity in the business allowing him to focus on the business growth.

Conan says: ”Working with ActionCOACH has been invaluable”.

Since working with ActionCOACH, the business has achieved:

✅ 75% turnover increase

✅ 300% net profit increase

✅ Doubled the team

From £500k Turnover To £4M. Make Your Business Work For You | Landscaping Industry Growth Story

As a small business, if you don’t put yourself in a position where you can see this information or see what’s going on, you’ll get left behind. – George Davies, Managing Director

Action Coach was able to structure the organisation and put systems in place allowing George to focus on his business. They were able to scale the business to a point where George is able to spend more time with his family and not worry about the day to day operations.

Since working for ActionCOACH, George Davies Turf has achieved:

✅ Building an efficient business

✅ 5x Net profit increase

✅ From £500k turnover to £4M

✅ Better work-life balance

Mleczko Delikatesy | Growth Story

Before working with ActionCOACH, Michael Mleczko had a very successful chain of Super markets. However, going from 3 stores to 10 in a short space of time meant that the basics of business were being forgotten and needed some guidance.

Since working with Action Coach, Michael has delegated the work he didn’t need to be doing, giving him more time to focus on the company growth. With the guidance of Jamie, Net profit has gone from 600K to 1M and Turnover has gone from 11M to a staggering 34M!

Gaining The Confidence To Grow The Business | Food & Beverage Industry Growth Story

I don’t think we would be in the position we are now if it wasn’t for our ActionCOACH. She gave us a lot of confidence and support. Yasmine Ziadlourad, Managing Director of RosalindMiller

Gaining the confidence to grow the business can be challenging especially if you have different possible avenues to expand into. Getting the right business mentor to help support growth can also be a challenge. ActionCOACH was able to mentor Managing Director, Yasmine into achieving the goals.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have achieved:

✅ Better team management

✅ 45% Turnover increase

✅ 70% net profit increase

Has Your Business Lost a Major Client? | Automotive Industry Growth Story

The most valuable thing I got from working with my Action Coach is my personal growth and confidence – Leanne Paratt Managing Director of MDM Vehicles.

After losing a major client, the business was taking a spiral turn downhill. A friend of Leanne who had already seen results in their business after using ActionCOACH recommended speaking to Action business growth specialist, Mark Jennings. Since working with ActionCOACH, they achieved an 80% increase in sales and now have a stable business.

The programme has also allowed Leanne to spend more time with her family giving her:

✅ Better work-life balance

✅ Valuable business skills & knowledge

✅ A healthy net profit of 20% – was zero when she met her Action Coach


E.D.S Couriers | Growth Story

A Clear Vision For Ledwell Plastics | An ActionCOACH Growth Story

Control of the business is the key that’s made a massive difference for the business – Benn Simms, Managing Director.


Like many businesses, Ledwell Plastics has had good and bad years and is heavily reliant on its customers. The business model itself was very reactive. Without having an Action Coach they’d have continued on the same path. Their Action Coach Laurence helped Benn to structure the business so he can focus on building the business stronger and better.


Benn now focuses on sales and marketing of the business rather than spending time on the moulding machines. The dynamics of the business has changed from staff running around like headless chickens to having a structure in the business. Since being involved with ActionCOACH Ledwell Plastics have seen an increase of 30% gross profit. They have just had two of the biggest months in their 15 years in business.

A Clear Vision For The Next 10 Years | Manufacturing Industry Growth Story

As the Owner and Director of the company, I have a great feeling that we are achieving the right things going forward. We have a great path of how we’re going to focus and achieve the goals that we’ve set ourselves for the next 5 to 10 years.
– Steve Jack, Managing Director of G.E.M Cable Solutions.

Business Owner Steve has confidently grown the business during uncertain times and taken on new staff members allowing him to focus on the business direction.

Not only does he have a clear plan for the next 10 years, but Steve also has a far superior work-life balance compared to his life before ActionCOACH.

Steve says: ”The biggest impact has been the plan for going forward so even during the pandemic, we’ve invested heavily within the company and we’ve built a brand new state-of-the-art cleanroom which was built during the lockdown.”


Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ A clear vision for the next 10 years.
✅ Better work-life balance.
✅ Grown the business during the pandemic.

Female Leader With A Great Work-Life Balance | e-Learning Industry

I always talk to my team about having a work-life balance but I never thought I would be in a position to reduce my hours as well as run a successful business. – Claire Revell, Managing Director of TutorPro.

Balancing a stressful life between leading a team and looking after young children was a tough challenge for Claire. In desperation to turn her life around, she turned to ActionCOACH.

Within 6 to 8 weeks, Claire noticed a difference in her personal life and business. Claire was working fewer hours and spending weekends with the family. Within 4 months, TutorPro started seeing great financial results where they grew their net profit to an increasing 520%.

Claire says: ”I don’t work weekends now. I’m able to finish early and take my youngest to football training, I would never have done that before. I can do it and I don’t feel guilty for doing it.”

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ Better team structure.
✅ Better work-life balance.
✅ 520% net profit increase.

From Roofing To Playing Golf | Building Industry Review

There’s been an increase of spending more family time, weekends away, have not been so stressful now because we know that work finishes on a Friday, we don’t pick up again till Monday now.
– Stuart Davis, Managing Director of Abbey Roofing.

Stuart says being a roofer, I didn’t have much business side to me, not knowing who to turn to I was at the top I couldn’t really ask anyone above me and the staff below me were looking for guidance as well so that’s where it became a bit stressful.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ 2x turnover increase.
✅ 4x net profit increase.
✅ More free time with the family.

Learning Businesses Principles From Other Businesses | Architects Industry Review


The best things I’ve done in my life are when I’ve taken a risk whether that’s employing the first person in the company, starting my own business or building my own house. Getting a coach seems like a significant thing but it’s one of those risks that will pay off immeasurably for time and time to come. Sam Goss – Managing Director of Barefoot Architects.

I was sceptical about ActionCOACH at first and I think my kind of fear was that it would be expensive and perhaps it was something which wouldn’t relate to our industry. What I’ve grown to learn and hugely respect is how there are principles which can be applied to any business regardless of what sector it’s in and the things that I’ve learned so often are from other businesses that do completely different things to us.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ A clear business direction.
✅ Better systems in the business.
✅ A growth mindset.


Are You Caught Up In Day-To-Day Pressures? | Architecture Industry Review


Are You Caught Up In Day-To-Day Pressures?

I found I was getting very busy. The business was doing well but it was chaotic and manic, which would have been unsustainable in the long run. I needed someone by my side to help me focus more on running the business and looking after my team than running jobs all the time. With the help of ActionCOACH, I developed the knowledge and confidence to pass my skills onto my staff, which helped them be a part of the coaching process I was going through. We are growing in terms of business and profitability. I’m getting to the point where I can take myself away from the day-to-day pressures. There’s a better balance being struck, and I can see it going the way I want it over the coming 6-9 months. – Alastair J Fitchet, Managing Director at Architect LLP.

Since working with ActionCOACH, they have:

✅ A 15% turnover increase.
✅ A 15 % net profit increase.
✅ Weekly and 90 day goals.